Combo pedals

Combo pedals are pedals that are both platform pedals and can function as click pedals. One side of the pedal is “normal” and the other side has a click system.

Why choose a combination pedal?

A combination pedal has the advantage that if you can use your bike both for commuting and sporting you don’t have to change your pedals every time. The clamping force of the click system is easy to adjust using a small Allen key. This allows you to decide whether you want a lot of freedom of movement and want the pedals to click off easily or whether you want your shoes to be firmly fixed. The pedals can be easily mounted on the bicycle because they have an inner hexagon for an Allen key on the inside of the axle.

Difference between the SPD and SPD-SL pedals

The difference between the SPD and SPD-SL pedals is the attachment, the SPD plates have a two-point attachment and the SPD-SL a three-point attachment. SPD Combi pedals are ideal for the all-round cyclist. The SPD pedals can be used when you enjoy cycling with click pedals, but occasionally want to get on the bike with normal shoes. For cyclists, the SPD-SL is recommended.

Why go for SPD Combi pedals?

A big advantage over regular SPD pedals is that SPD Combi pedals have a larger support surface, which improves pedaling efficiency. When you want to ride with mountain bike shoes as well as regular shoes, combination pedals for mountain bikes are suitable. These bike pedals are ideal if you want to use your bike for multiple purposes. The SPD combination pedals have the same functionality as a normal click pedal, but cycling a lap on your normal shoes is therefore not a problem.

SPD-SL pedals are best for racing

SPD-SL pedals are best suited for racing bikes. Because racing shoes have a stiffer shoe sole, combined with the larger surface area of the pedals, much more force is transmitted that is optimally distributed over the entire foot. The disadvantage is that the cleats do not disappear into the shoes as with SPD cleats. Snap on and off also takes some getting used to and can lead to accidents at first.